give yourself the gift of healingTM

Barbara Shulman-Kirwin

Certified Forgiveness Practitioner

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give yourself the gift of healingTM

Barbara Shulman-Kirwin

Certified Forgiveness Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions
& Answers About Radical Forgiveness (RF)

Q: Would engaging in RF be in any way contrary to my religious beliefs?

A: No. Although practicing RF can be a deeply spiritual experience, it is by no means a religion. RF is a system of techniques and practices designed to relieve stress, anger, guilt, doubt and other self-directed and/or externally projected negatives. RF does not contradict, impede or conflict with one’s deepest-held, most sacred beliefs—regardless of one’s faith.

Q: Can RF help me resolve some of my own, deepest, internal conflicts?

A: Yes. Like many things in life, the more you give of yourself to the RF process by revealing your innermost doubts, desires and dilemmas, the more you gain in return. Whether through self-forgiveness, the ultimate gift that one can give themselves through RF—or by increasing one’s understanding, appreciation and acceptance of circumstances beyond one’s control, there is much to be gained by working with your Certified Forgiveness Practitioner.

Q: Can RF be effective in helping resolve my relationship issues?

A: Yes, definitely. Relationship issues can be extremely complex. Typically difficult to recognize on your own, never mind resolving by yourself, relationship issues can be very effectively addressed through RF.
Unchecked anger—either from previous, failed relationships, or due to other life events—can poison, even end your current, intimate relationship, as well as friendships.

RF can be particularly effective in addressing the tendency to repeatedly seek the wrong type of individual as your partner. Additionally, behaviors which push others away—not only in one’s personal life, but in the workplace and other environments—are also effectively addressed through RF.

No matter what form your relationship issue(s) may take, RF can be an incredibly effective tool in redirecting one’s self—in order to realize and thoroughly enjoy lasting, fulfilling relationships of all types.

Q: Is RF effective in helping resolve workplace-related issues?

A: Again, an emphatic YES. RF can be a particularly effective means of dissecting and defusing work-related tensions and disputes. Issues as diverse as under-compensation, sexual harassment, bully bosses, being passed over for promotion, and untangling workplace romances can all be effectively addressed through RF, with the competent assistance of a Certified Forgiveness Practitioner.

To be clear, RF is neither a legal remedy, nor a tool for mediating, negotiating, or otherwise addressing workplace disputes among parties. Rather, it is a methodology for individuals who are adversely affected by events in the workplace to put them in perspective—and to deal with workplace circumstances far more effectively. RF can also be of significant value in helping individuals to bridge workplace differences, and to better understand if not appreciate certain, opposing perspectives.

Q: Does RF have practical applications for helping de-escalate and resolve family disagreements?

A: YES, most certainly. The family dynamic was virtually custom-made to be deconstructed and detoxified through the well-guided practice of RF. Even within the immediate family unit, and especially where multiple families intersect through marriage—ample opportunities exist for tensions and disputes of every conceivable kind—from financial to cultural, religious, and ethical in nature, ranging from sibling rivalries to issues of succession, inheritance and more. RF can be highly instrumental in enabling individuals to see beyond the shortcomings of others to accept and forgive their own—and to find solid, common ground, where there was once only quicksand.

Q: Is RF an effective replacement for one’s chosen form of healthcare, or any kind of ‘panacea’ for treating chronic illnesses and diseases?

A: No. However, of great value and importance, RF can be a very effective complement to a wide range of treatments—both Western and Eastern in origin. And quite honestly, hardly anything in this world offers a true panacea to life’s many ills.

When practiced under the guidance of a Certified Forgiveness Practitioner, RF offers insights and techniques to complement both traditional and alternative treatments. RF can help the affected party to more effectively manage their affliction or chronic condition—ameliorating its ill effects by making them more tolerable.

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